Distant Healing

Around the world and right in my own town

I offer Distant Healing to people around the world and to people right in my own town, who are not able to get up and out for a healing treatment. It is wonderful for pets because they can stay with you in their familiar surrounding. Distant Healings can be even more powerful than in-person healings because the client can relax even better without other distractions. Reconnective Healing is Quantum Healing and scientists found out that in a Quantum state things become stronger with distance.

The energy that you manifest, all comes from one source.

So you are going to the source, and that source is touching that person. It’s almost simultaneous. It isn’t a matter of them being in the room. You have certainly at times thought of people, and they have called. It didn’t make any difference if they were in London. They heard the energy. Their lives felt the energy. This energy is vast, vaster than even the ocean. A penny dropped into the Santa Monica Bay does have ripple effects in India.
From the book Solomon Speaks about Reconnecting Your Life.

Dr. Eric Pearl and Frederic Ponzlov

“What a wonderful experience this morning! This being my 4th time receiving one of your Distant Healing sessions, it was the most rewarding.

I love doing it first thing in the morning. You called a few minutes before and then at 6:00 am on the nose I felt you and relaxed and opened up my energy to allow you to do your magic. I felt this intense deep relaxation. I remembered in our second session – I really hoped my lower back would receive the message, and of course I have had no back issues since then. That was over a year ago. So, this time I just wanted to let my subconscious guide, and it did.

While in my deep meditative state, which I could come in and out of, I could really feel it! I felt myself releasing fear and I remember in my mind crying deeply and apologizing, and then the thought came of having accomplished something. I am not sure if any of this is making sense, but I woke up at 6:49 am and looked at the clock. I could feel the session was over, which is amazing. Your work is amazing! I am looking forward to the weeks ahead to feel the effects. The doubt that I thought I might have about Reconnective Healing is gone! It was undeniable. You have a gift, and thank you for sharing it with me.”

Lynette M. San Rafael, CA

“Hi Keala,
please could you send a Distant Healing to Kevin’s dad. He is 86 and dying at any moment. Hospice has been involved for a while. He has been hanging by a thread for the past three weeks and was sent home to die. Thank you. Leonna, 10-7-2014”

“Hi Leonna,
I sent Kevin’s dad this afternoon at 4.00 pm a healing. 10-7-2014
Let’s see, we can’t see the bigger picture but his Higher Self knows what is in his highest good.Much Love Keala”

“Hi Keala,
Kevin and I want to express our thanks for the Distant Healing. His Father is still with us and finally slept last night. The past few nights he has had anxiety attacks when trying to go to sleep. He was still sleeping this morning when we called and we have not heard anything else. I truly appreciate what you have done. Bless you!!! Thanks again, Leonna and Kevin 10-8-2014”

Leonna and Kevin, Rohnert Park, California

“What an amazing session. I finally accepted it’s not my mind playing with me. I felt obvious sensations, hands burning, tingling, hollow and pulling sensation over my belly, light feathery touches on top of my head. I felt a pat on my legs too, drifted into sleep, remembered someone saying without saying, telepathically “are you ready to move to next level?” and my mind was like yes, yes, yes!!!
I also felt pain behind my left and right ribs, and in my arms. My hands were almost burning at the end of the session. I could feel energy moving from my belly down to my legs, then to my head and arms.
I am still fascinated. How can someone many thousands of miles away can have an effect on me? Science should probably pack its bags now. This quantum stuff is real. Good news: My headache is gone. I love you love you love you.”

Emen, Islamabad, Pakistan

What to expect during your Distant Healing session

This energetic process is self-regulating, self-determining, self-adjusting and always perfectly responsive and guided by the Higher Intelligence of the Universe.
During our first phone conversation, we will talk about your needs and agree upon a time, when you are resting or able to rest and I will send Reconnective Healing at that time. A Higher Power, call it The Higher self, God or Love knows exactly how the Healing has to happen and it is always a Healing and maybe not what you expect but exactly what you need. It is a very individual experience and varies from person to person.
You may fall asleep right away. You will certainly feel very relaxed and peaceful. It is important to get plenty of rest and drink lots of water on the day of and a few days following your Distant Healing. After the session, I will call you for a follow-up.